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Scarborough Civic Centre Square

Wednesday 10 May 2006 17 Comments

By ~ HiMY! ~

Scarborough Civic Centre Square People

Scarborough Civic Centre Square on flickr , on photopia .

I have been pleasantly surprised with response to this photo.

First, Josh over at Torontoist dropped this into the photoTO file with the headline of Stand Up, Scarborough .

Second, over on my flickr , the above-for-me average number of photo views and comments for my posting there does indeed encourage me there exists a visual appetite for these kind of montage stitched together photographs.


  • Flickr: 416style said:


  • 416style said:

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  • Flickr: HiMY SYeD / photopia said:

    thanks sookie!

    scarborough is often though of as a car-only-city, barren of pedestrians hence a psychogeographic wasteland.

    i have wanted to post something visually obvious to counter that misperception for a long time and finally i got off my butt and posted these stitched together pics.


  • Flickr: aidanfotos said:

    very nicely done!

  • Flickr: HiMY SYeD / photopia said:

    Oh neat,

    Josh at Torontoist blogged this photo:


    The Scarborough Civic Centre Square – looking less Scarberia and more Scarsmopolitan everyday.

    Thanks Josh!

  • Flickr: thisiskris said:

    this is a really awesome montage. looks like an architect’s rendering of the potential of the space.

    how long, or how many times, were you in that area to get all the shots? the volume of people is incredible, since this place is usually on the empty side

  • thisiskris said:

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  • Flickr: HiMY SYeD / photopia said:

    These people were in fact all there at the same time.

    The bottom half of this stitched together photograph is composed from 11 photographs taken from left to right within about 50 seconds with a 1 megapixel camera at portrait perspective.

    The top half of the photograph, the skyline without any people or faces of people are a mish mash of different shots captured over the next few minutes, thus the obvious inconsistencies in the colouration of the sky, lighting at this time of day is challenging as we all know.

    I tried numerous combinations of photos stitched together using autostitch at various settings.

    The above result best expresses what I feel about Scarborough and was hoping to illustrate.

    Thanks kris for your enthusiasm!

  • *dans said:

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  • Flickr: *dans said:

    Great work, i like this panoramic pix!

  • Flickr: Quod said:

    Fantastic work!

  • Flickr: 416style said:

    I’ve just started a group for the TOP 20 Tdot shots. Everyone gets promoted to admin status. Once the group reaches 20 pics total, you delete your least fav that someone else has added and add in your best shot. One pic per person in the group at a time. We’ll see the best this city has to offer. Please join in.

  • Flickr: Scorchez said:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Scarborough: City of the Future, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

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    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Scarborough Ontario Canada, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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