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CP24 Your Vote – Mayoral Debate: Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, “Himy Syed would be my choice for Mayor of Toronto”

Tuesday 19 October 2010 No Comment

CP24′s “Your Vote – Toronto’s Race for Mayor

Final Televised CP24 Mayoral Debate

Aired Tuesday October 19, 2010, 8 p.m.

Your Vote – Part 3

4 minute 10 second mark:

GEORGE SMITHERMAN: My first question is to Councillor Pantalone. Three weeks ago you said you would vote for me if you were not on the ballot. Since that time, a report card from ArtsVote gave me an A+, a higher mark than you receive. The Toronto Environmental Alliance gave us both A+. So I was a bit surprised to hear you encourage people to spoil their ballots yesterday. Are you really prepared to accept the consequences you know would occur if Rob Ford was Toronto’s Mayor?

JOE PANTALONE 4:47: Well to begin with I think that was an irrelevant question who would I vote for, because you know what, Joe Pantalone is going to be on the ballot on October 25th. And Joe Pantalone having the experience —-

GEORGE SMITHERMAN 5:01 : Don’t weasel out of it.

JOE PANTALONE 5:02 : —- And having the experience would be the best Mayor that Toronto given the crop that there is here of course. Also if I was asked the same question today, my answer would be, Himy Syed would be my choice for Mayor of Toronto. You know why? Because he represents a new Toronto, like I do. With all due respect I think neither you nor Councillor Ford should be Mayor of Toronto because you really want to demolish and/or destroy this city and also you’re not coming clean with Torontonians. Because when you tell them you’re cutting $808 million in city expenditures, there will be no service cuts. Well, sorry, that’s not coming clean. Tell us exactly where there will be less service provided.

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