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Save Us From Our Data | Crowd-sourcing is the answer, the “smart city” is a sales pitch

HiMY SYeD, an aspiring Toronto politician and the founder of the city’s biggest Wiki website, said urban citizens are increasingly challenged by “data smog” devised to “confuse and conquer.”

“If you want to divide and rule, and you’re a big company,” he said, “confuse people, give them more information.”

Crowd-sourced open public spaces generate specific “urban wisdom” and could be the answer to suffocating data smog, Syed said.

“Where is the best bus route to take at what time because the bus driver sings and I like his voice? Where are the shortcuts to walk through? Where are the tastiest samosas?”

Tangible tips like these offer emancipation from the imposed order of cities, but I am not naive enough to think urban data should end there.

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